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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)


Stuart Goldsmith of 'Inner Circle and The Midas Method' fame, shows you how to plan getting your 'Dream Job' in his article:

"Your Job From Heaven"
by Stuart Goldsmith

I now want to share with you an amazingly powerful method of helping you to realize what your dream job might be. I am indebted to Barbara Sher author of "I Could Do Anything If Only I Knew What It Was" for this idea.

Before I explain this exercise, I want to give you an example of a technique which has some merit, but is not very effective. This is the sort of technique you'll read about in books on life-planning, and I find it very unsatisfactory.

Take a sheet of paper (yes, you can start groaning). On the top of the paper write the words 'My Job From Heaven.' Underneath this, write out exactly what the title implies.

This is fantasy time, so let your imagination run riot. You can design your own perfect fantasy job. Where will you work? Who will you work with? In what sort of environment? Doing what? What hours will you work? What salary will you be paid? Is it a manual job? A creative job? Just put down anything you can think of which would make your working day blissful.

What do you think of that for an exercise?

Okay, it has its merits, but if you actually try to complete this exercise you'll find it fairly difficult.

The reason is that the second you try to fantasize about your ideal job, negative thoughts and conditioning crowd your mind, effectively saying toyou: "Don't be silly! You can't have that! That would be impossible. That's asking too much."

Now, and I hope you're ready for this...take another blank sheet of paper and on the top of it write: 'My Job From Hell.'

I want you to fill that sheet of paper with a detailed description of your total job from hell. Describe the nightmarish work environment, write in detail about the crummy people you'll be working with, and the awful tasks you'll be performing. I can guarantee that you will hardly be able to stop writing. You will take a ghoulish glee in putting down every awful detail. You'll run out of paper and ink long before you run out of ghastly details of that job.

This exercise gives you a fantastic opportunity to glimpse your creative potential when you are not running hard against the brakes of the subconscious mind.

Please do this exercise, and don't only read about it. You'll be quite stunned by its effect.

The next part of this exercise is to take your Job From Hell and write the exact opposite of everything you have put down.

For example if you have written "I work in a dark, noisy, fume-filled factory, with loud pop music blaringall day over speakers," you need to rewrite this asfollows: "I work in a light, quiet airy office." Another example should suffice. If you wrote "Each day is identical to the last, I produce an endless stream of identical widgets, and never receive any praise or thanks for my work," you need to rewrite this as follows: "Each day I work on something different, no two projects are the same and I receive a huge amount of praise, admiration and respect for my work."

Get the idea?

What you are doing is using the 'Job From Hell' as a method of bypassing the subconscious mind. Effectively, you are finding out what you don't want, and reversing it to produce your Job From Heaven.

When I sat down and used this technique, I was quite surprised by the results. I found out things about myself which I had not been aware of before.

Reading through my completed Job From Heaven (produced by reversing my Job From Hell) I felt a thrill of excitement running through me. Yes, this was exactly what I wanted to be doing.

Try it yourself - you will be surprised!

Until next time...

Stuart Goldsmith


© 2004 Stuart Goldsmith - Worldwide Rights Reserved

Multi-Millionaire Helps Ordinary People Get Rich!

For the last ten years, Stuart Goldsmith has been running a secretive group called Inner Circle. He shows his members how to get more money, greater power and total freedom in their lives and holds over 800 letters of testimonials from his students who have made anything from $1,500 to $750,000.

If you think you might gain from his teachings, visit here now to learn more.

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2. They all want to be completely free from external controls.
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