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Have you ever wondered why some people become millionaires, and live the dream lifestyle … and why most people struggle to make ends meet, and basically exist from paycheck to paycheck?
The Millionaire's Club - Run with the Millionaire Pack!

Amazon launches great new research tool for product developers
Cool New 'Idea' Engine On The Block by Jim Edwards. If you log on to PayPerClickSearchEngines.com you'll find they list over 600 different pay-per-click search engines operating online.
New Product Developers Research Tool

Get out of selling 'Business Opportunites'
Some of the best advice I've ever been given is to 'get out of business opportunites'. You know what I mean - promoting a business rather than a real product.
Get out of biz-opps

Search Engine Tips and Techniques
As you are building your site or getting your site built, you need to do as much as you can to ensure higher rankings in the search engines. There are a variety of little tips and techniques you can use to do this.
Search Engine Tips and Techniques

Discover the 17 Magic Words That Can Earn You A Fortune - by Ted Nicholas. Direct sales and direct marketing are the most effective way to sell anything. The problem with direct sales though is the cost of a sales call. Some numbers now say that it costs a company $600 - $850 to win a new client using direct sales only. read more:
Ted Nicholas - Magic Advertising Words

Review of Veronica Lim's Dare to be Happy - 4 Steps to a Happier, Richer, More Successful You
Regular visitors will have read about Veronica Lim already when I reviewed Millionaire Thinking: Get What You Want In Just 12 Minutes a Day.
How to be Happy And Set Goals You Can Achieve

Heads Up on some new Webmaster Software
I'm 'road-testing' some new software for you ... but I'd thought that you'd want to have a look yourself right now in case it's just what you're looking for.
New Webmaster Software

World Internet Summit 'Live Webcast' Recording
For the past five or so years a team of internet marketers have run the World Internet Summit. You may or may not have heard about them - or been put off by the hype, or even fed up with more 'successful internet marketers' trying to screw you for money.
World Internet Summit

Get Your Dream Job
Stuart Goldsmith of Inner Circle and Midas Method Fame tells you how to get your dream job. now want to share with you an amazingly powerful method of helping you to realize what your dream job might be.
Your Job from Heaven by Stuart Goldsmith

Part of the "Book Yourself Solid, The 7 Keys To Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle Even If You Hate Marketing And Selling"
e-course by Michael Port - Who has kindly let us reprint the first keys to your selling success: Key Number 1: Know Why People Buy What You're Selling; Key Number 2: Choose Your Ideal Clients.
Increase Sales - How to Sell

Choose the Right Web Host
Derek Chambers has some great advice on how to choose the right web host to meet your needs in his latest article: Choosing A Web Host Company

Vic's Back!
Apologies for the lack of updates lately --- Here's why and news of what's going to be happening at Success Secrets UK
Vic's News

Did you know there are two main reasons why entrepreneurs aren’t where they want to be in business today?
Either they don’t know what to do. Or they know what to do but DON’T take action to do it. No matter which camp you land in, Michael Port shows you exactly how to fill up your calendar with as many paying clients as you want. Increase Sales

Jim Edwards on the future of the Internet - Streaming TV
The future of the Web for the next 5-10 years just arrived.
Streaming TV

Want Targeted Web Site Traffic?
Armond Morrin is one of the World's top internet marketers, and in this great article tells you simply how to DRIVE targeted visitors to your web site: "How To Drive Targeted Visitors To Your Website" By Armand Morin

The 3 steps of Web Page Optimisation
“3 simple steps to do it yourself Web Page Optimisation”, by Armand Morin.
Clear and straightforward article on the three main areas you must tackle to properly optimise your web pages: “3 simple steps to do it yourself Web Page Optimisation”, by Armand Morin

Write a Book in 14 Days!

Have you ever wanted to write a book, fiction or non-fiction, but you just couldn't get it started, or didn't have the time, or couldn't think of a plot or had writer's block, or didn't think you had anything important to say, or didn't think you had the writing talent, or had something else that was stopping you?

Well here's a web site that is specially designed to help you write your book faster than you ever thought possible. In fact, there's information here that will lead you to write your book in 14 days!!

Now, I know that seems hard to believe, but when Mark Victor Hansen (co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and dozens of other books) saw the information, he not only said it was some of the best stuff he'd ever used, he even asked the owner of the website to speak at his next seminar! And Mark is using this information to crank out still more books!

This stuff is so powerful that folks all around the world, even absolute novices, are using these techniques to write books faster than they ever thought possible. There's even a free email course that gets you started FAST! So if writing a book has always been your goal, your dream, your desire, get yourself over to:
Write a Book in Only 14 Days

Millionaire Thinking for Women - Female Entrepreneurs
Veronica Lim continues with her successful seminars for female entrepreneurs with dates announced for this years 'Millionaire Thinking for Women' seminars
Millionaire Thinking for Women - Female Entrepreneurs

Live your Dream
Stuart Goldsmith talks about the power of your dreams - and that the only real way to live your life ... is to live your dream.
No approval required by Stuart Goldsmith - Live your dream

Free Keyword Identification Tool
Not sure that I want to let you in on this one ... This is a very useful (and free) tool to check which are the least competitive keywords to target. Excellent piece of kit! It's on the free website tools page here:
Free keyword identification tool

How to Write Booklets to market Your Business
Simple and effective way to promote your business using booklets - either as a free give away, or profit centre: "Unleash the Potential of Booklets to Promote Your Business" by Paulette Ensign
How to write booklets to market your business

Add Audio to Your Website
Neat piece of software that adds audio to your website, plus an very instructional ebook that guides to how to create audio files in the first place.
Add Audio to Your Website




Current Recommendations
Over the months I come across books and services that I really believe will help you ...
Help you develop the right success attitude, help you to get great ideas for your own business, and help you make a success of those ideas ...

Master Resale Rights on Health Information Products

Producing How-To Videos and DVDs for Profit by Bill Myers
Learn from expert product developer Bill Myers how simple it is for you to produce a How-To Video or DVD. Become a Product Developer for long term consistent profits. There's no doubt that owning the rights to your own unique, well researched so in demand product, is a great first step to building a successful home business.
Make your own DVDs and Videos

Screen Capture Software
Whether you need some screen captured images for your leaflets, ebooks, or videos, 'Snagit®' screen capture software does it all. Recognised as one of the top screen capture utliities around an essential for all product developers, graphic and web designers, and desktop publishers ...
Screen Capture Software

Free Goals Setting WorkBook
FREE online workbook to help you discover what really matters to you. Maybe it's time to set or renew goals for yourself. Experience the power of having multiple successes.
Free Goals Setting Workbook - Click Here

"17 Thing That can Stop You Dead in Your Tracks from Creating Lifetime Wealth" - Veronica Lim
Excellent free report by Veronica Lim of Millionaire Thinking®
More details and Download Here

"The First Steps to a Best Selling Ebook"
ARTICLE - Why do some ebooks sell off the charts, while other ones can barely get off the ground?You'd be surprised... "The First Steps to a Best Selling Ebook" - read more...

Make sellable information products - Bill Myers Product Developers Resource Centre
This listing has stayed on this page for ages because it's one of my favourite places for 'no-bull' advice and support from one of the masters of product development - Bill Myers.
Bill Myers Online - Product Development Resources Centre - read more...

21 Ways to Maximise Profits on Google AdWords
Excellent report by Andrew Goodman of Page-Zero on maximising your returns advertising on Google. I picked up several techniques and tips on just my first reading, and increased targeted clickthroughs straightaway. Recommended.
21 ways to maximise profits on google adwords - read more...


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