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You'll appreciate hosting with Host4Profit
Web Hosting that Pays You Back

A Complete Web Hosting package that rewards you with:

    • A easy to operate and complete web hosting package.

    • Web marketing promotion tools and support.

    • Ready to sell products - Ideal add-on profit makers.

    • Referral earnings - $10 per month on every referral you get.

Whether you are starting from scratch or moving your existing website, hosting your domain with Host4Profit will make your hosting easier, more feature packed and profitable.

No other web site hosting company can match what we do or give what we give to make your site profitable from the start.

Here are just some of the Specs and what they mean for you:

  • No set-up fees - Just a simple monthly charge with no hidden extras.

  • 300 meg of space - Plenty of room to let your site grow, plus enough space for the essential net marketing strategies that greatly increase your chances of a profitable site.

  • Unlimited Pop Email Accounts - Not 10, not 50, not even 100, but Unlimited.
    Do you need unlimited? Having different addresses for your different promotions means that you can track your advertising results effectively and not waste money on ineffective advertising. You will also be able to have different addresses for different parts of your site, sales, support, advice, webmaster etc.

  • Unlimited Mailing Lists - You will be able to have different customers in different mailing lists and be able to target them precisely. Targeted advertising increases turnover dramatically.

  • Unlimited Auto Responders - The essential tool in net promotion. Let your customers have instant replies and feedback to their enquiries - And without anybody else's adverts interfering and cheapening your message.

  • Site Statistics - Forget ugly counters at the bottom of your pages. You will be getting fully featured statistics that tell you how effective which pages of your site are - who's linking to your site - what search words people are using to reach your site - and so much more so that you will be able to fine tune your site for maximum impact and response.

  • Pain free Referral Payments - Everybody who seriously wants to do any sort of business on the internet knows the need for paid hosting - after all, how seriously is your offer going to be taken on a free site. This simple fact makes promoting Host4Profit alongside your existing business easy and straightforward. A simple link on your webpages, or full blown promotion - either will start you earning $10.00 a month for every referral you bring in - with nothing else for you to do!

  • Monthly payment plan - No 'life-time' commitment. By paying monthly you are always in control.

And that's just the start...

You will also be getting:

10 gig of Traffic - enough for Millions of page impressions a year

Unlimited Email Aliases

Your Own Mail Manager

A fully featured Control Panel giving you full and easy access to your whole site

Frontpage 98/00

Site Creation Tool

Page Counters

Password Protect Directories on your site for 'members-only' clients

URL redirect

Anon FTP


Telnet via SSH

Archive Manager

MYSQL Database

PGP Mail

Secure Server use

File Manager

Real IP Address



Automatically submit your site to Search Engines

MIMI Types

Daily Back-ups

Shopping Cart

WebSite Templates Ready to Use


Having these essential web hosting tools is your First Step
Knowing how to use them is your key - So...

You'll also be getting:

  • An extensive Online Marketing Manual as well as knowledgeable support always just an email away.

  • Free lifetime access to what is regarded as The Top Marketing Organisation on the internet - The Internet Marketing Warriors.
    As well as giving you access to top web promotion techniques and tools, you will also be tapping into the knowledge of hundreds of top internet promoters as you access the private members forum.

  • Over $1000 of Software and Knowledge, giving your website a head start in the web-wars

  • Ready to Sell Products for Your Profit..


And did we mention the 4 'Plug-In' websites?

4 Money-Making Plug-In Sites. 3 of these sites allow you to keep 100% of the profit!
We've created complete sites to sell some of the hottest products on the Internet and made them available to you - ready for your name and address.
Just plug in your information and start taking your own orders, including one product that only members will be allowed to sell.
So even if your internet project is still a few months off, you can start making money almost immediately, before your own business is even off the ground. More details here...


Rembering the referral commissions that you will be receiving:

Start hosting with us and you will automatically become entitled to promote this deal to others making you $10 a month from every new customer as long as they host with us. That's $10 Per Month Commission for You Per Account
Refer 3        Your hosting is for free and you are in profit.
Refer 10       Profit $100 Per Month
Refer 50       Profit $500 Per Month
Refer 100     Profit $1000 Per Month
Refer 1000   Profit $10,000 Per Month

This package is under constant revision and we are already planning major additions that will make this deal impossible for you to match for the price.

Even without the $10.00 a month referral commissions, now you can see that this is an extremely competitive web hosting package.

With Host4Profit you will be getting many of 'the extras' that other web hosts only tell you about (and try to sell you) after you have signed up. Extras which you only discover later are essential for the smooth and profitable running of your website.

All these essential features for only $24.95 a month.

(Have more than 1 website? Add as many of your own sites as you like for only $5.00 a month extra with exactly the same fully featured hosting deal)

And don't forget, with just three referrals not only do you get your hosting plus everything you've already read about, but you are making a profit and getting your hosting for free.

Sign up here now!

Best of every success,

Vic Carrara

PS. Don't forget why our competition are shouting 'foul!', and are members are shouting Yes! with our great deal:

  • 300 Meg Hosting Package
    - Only $24.95 per month and NO set-up fees!

  • Your Own Plug In Cash Machine Sites Ready To Take Orders!

  • Incredible Collection Of Software, Marketing Secrets, Reports And eBooks. More than $1000 Value!

  • The #1 Direct Marketing Support Forum On The Internet!

  • $10 Per Month For Each Account You Refer!

  • And a Free Bahama Vacation to win! (did we forget to mention that?)

Sign up NOW
and secure yourself a great internet success story.


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