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Review of 'How to Make BIG Money from eBay™ Auctions'

In this two cd package, one audio and one video, Dave Bromley of clearly explains everything you need to know to sell on online auctions, especially eBay™. Dave does very well in giving you a lot of in-depth information clearly. As well as covering all the essentials, there are good suggestions for self-promotion and effective selling that I have not seen mentioned in many other products of this kind.

This is the first audio/video cd collection that I've come across. The plus side of this kind of package is that it becomes a much more personal experience. This kind of product seems to make you think more as you have to stop whatever you're doing to get to the information. The downside is that you can not just 'scan' it while doing something else ---- actually is that such a downside?

Dave Bromley is another of those 'serial entrepreneurs' - just cannot stop himself. He owns several different businesses (online and offline), and knows how to research and present information clearly. Although he used to be an antique dealer, his extensive knowledge of ebay came about quite some time ago when he decided to unclutter his house. With the joy of earning £300 decluttering, he studied the techniques of the eBay™ powersellers (powersellers have to earn over $2000 a month to earn the title), and while continuing with his 'house clearance', put it to use selling products from his audio marketing tapes business as well.

As an eBayer myself for some time, I was particularly impressed with some of content on the video cd. This included a great tutorial of some software to speed up listings, and a chapter on self promotion - information that even I had overlooked!

Complementing the package are 12 ebooks by other authors on various aspects of auctioning on ebay. My particular favourite is 'Using NLP on Ebay'. This is a short but incredibly powerful ebooklet about using emotionally charged words to help boost interest and sales. I don't really know why Dave bothered with the other books. They're good, but he covers everything that needs to be said in his own presentations. But as you get the resale rights to all 12, they're useful as bonuses to any existing products you might be selling.

And if you get stuck, you welcome to email Dave himself. When you buy the package you also get 90 days of consultation and support.

Once you get the hang of it, selling on online auctions is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money - for the lowest possible outlay. The problem is that many ebayers go about it completely the wrong way.

This is an excellent value for money package of information and support that I can only see working for you. Simply follow Dave's clear instructions, and within a few weeks not only will your house be decluttered, you'll be looking for fresh clutter to sell.

Visit Dave Bromley's web site here: (new window will open)

Best of success,

Vic Carrara

PS. Let me know how you do - I love to hear and print your success stories.



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