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Update on Joe Kumar's '30 Days to Internet Marketing Success'

When 30 recognised internet marketers reply to Joe Kumar's request to give him their 30 day, step-by-step Internet Marketing Plan - the Business Plan Template they would use should they have to start over - how should you choose which online strategy plan to start with?

Okay, it's a week since I downloaded 'Joe Kumar's '30 Days to Internet Marketing Success'.
The initial buzz has subsided, so what do I think of it of these internet marketing plans now that I've had time to sit down and read more in depth.

Well the consensus among the contributors shows two starting points:

  1. Start a business promoting a product/service that you're passionate about.

  2. Start a business promoting the most likely product/service to make you money - and to hell with what you like.

So both product developers looking for a business plan template, and entrepreneurs looking for an online strategy plan will both be served.

Of course there is some overlap - finding money makers that you have a strong interest in, and using your existing knowledge and skill to fulfill an existing need - but I found enough resources to support most eventualities.

You're not stuck thinking 'how does he/she do that?' as every writer links to the resources they would and do use. Links to research potential clients, product development, marketing, joint ventures, and more - best be online to read this book.

Also, the majority of them publish their own newsletters, so once you've found your favourites, you can continue to gain business know-how from them.

One of my 'pet subjects' is motivation and self-confidence boosting, so I was delighted to see Charles Burke in the book. He's written several books on achieving success, and building your success attitude, so I was keen to see what he had to say. His approach was clear and direct - to use your existing skills and interests (we ALL have some!) to develop a new business. He went to explain how to find a targeted group of prospective customers and develop a product for practically no cost.

It's truly amazing how human beings tend to want to either overcomplicate everything, or not believe that simplicity is the key. This book is about common sense marketing. It is clear cut and instructional with practically no waffle. And in case you think that all these 'experts' are writing about 'what I would do', several of these business plans are examples of what they ACTUALLY did - no hypothesizing - 'I did this and the results were this'.

As in my first review, the main challenge you'll have to face is the size. 529 pages, 30 internet marketing plans - it's allot to get through. My tip is to quickly scan the book, making a note of which strategies seem most relevant to you right now. Gather 3 or 4 to start with and start work - yes work, the book's great but if you don't put any effort into it, you'll stay a dreamer. Work at devising your own plan - date it, mark when each stage will be completed, plan each day to do something to get nearer achieving your goal.

To read my first review of Joe Kumar's "30 Days to Internet Marketing Success" go here
To find out more from Joe himself on these internet marketing plans - go here

Best of every success,

Vic Carrara

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Free Sample Download containing Bryan Kumar's 30 Day to Internet Marketing Plan - Sample Marketing Plan

Free sample download of Volume Two of Joe Kumar's Book

Read my first review of Joe Kumar's book here

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