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Review of the 'Push Button Health' Members Site and Business


Some of the best advice I've ever been given is to 'get out of business opportunities'.

You know what I mean - promoting a business rather than a real product.

I've still got a few I promote, only because in my opinion they're still worthy, and in demand.

Most of my income is made now from promoting 'real products' as an affiliate, or health related products as a wholesaler (see here for what I mean) - plus a small amount of web site design work (when I have the time).

Like you, I get loads of emails every day promoting this, that and the other. Most get sent straight to the spam folder, some make it to my inbox ... a few actually get read!

The email subject line wasn't particularly inspiring ... the sales copy, okay. But when I visited the site ... I knew this had potential.

Health information is one of the biggest interests on the net

Everybody at some time in their lives is concerned about their health. The media loves to feature scare stories nearly every day, about not eating this, exercising that way, or the the latest research. Personally I think it's making us all a bit too paranoid ... but ...

But still, Health Information sells. And it sells in different ways. You can use it to attract traffic to your website, you can create products around it, you can use it to add value to existing products.

The challenge many of us face is:

Ready to package products -
Your Product Name, Your Price, Your Deal

All the 'pros' agree that one of the best ways to make a living from the net is to have your own product.

Unless you can create loads of traffic, earning a good living from affiliate programs takes a lot of hard work - and time.

Having your own product isn't any kind of guarantee of success, but at least you're getting 100% of the profit.

The Push Button Health membership Site

As a member of "PBH", every month you'll be provided with two brand new "private label" resale rights product packages focused on niche health and fitness topics.

What does "private label" mean? ...That's the really exciting part: It means you can take these products and rename them, insert your own affiliate links, modify them, extract articles from them for your newsletter - in fact anything ... they're yours.

You also get accompanying ready-made sales letters for each private label product.

Do you already sell health related products?
Do you run a health related website?

Well use the products as teasers, bonuses, articles, or even sell them.

You know that search engines love real content. Fresh content every month Will make a difference to your site.

You can also take advantage of PBH's referral program. PBH will pay you $17 per month for each and every member you refer. (Refer just 10 people and that's enough to cover a monthly car payment)

The health and fitness niche is responsible for Billions of Pounds/Dollars in sales each year, and this is one of the easiest ways to cash in on this vast and growing market.

You can use PBH products and content to:


I signed up myself yesterday evening (Wednesday 16th), and by tonight I'll be using a couple of these books as bonuses to existing products. People love bonuses - in fact some people buy for the bonus and not the main product.

This idea of a membership site isn't new. What is new is the focus on health and not business or marketing. This makes a real difference.

With the ease of getting cheap domain names and hosting - website templates, cheaper website design companies ... getting your own website up and selling is so much easier today than when I started years ago.

PBH supplies you with fresh new products every month which could cost you upwards of £700-800 a go should you buy master-resale rights. Even better, is that you can name these products anything you like - have a completely unique product to you that no one else can sell.

You really want to look at this seriously:
Push Button Health

Best of health and Wealth,


PS. Products currently available: "Low-Carb Dieting Secrets"; "Hair Loss Prevention!"; "Back Pain Relief"; "Conquering Obesity!"; "Arthritis Relief!"; "Finding the Perfect Diet for You". Ready first week of December: "The Sunless Tanning Guide!"; "How to 'Spot Tone' Your Way to a Beautiful Body".

PPS. Plus access to a forum, and all the tools (low-cost) you need to put together your own products, get them on the net and promote them.