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Home Business UK Resources, Advice and Links Summary

October 2003


31st October

New Personal Development Training Site and Internet Marketing Offer

Latest internet marketing offer which looks to combine the best of television and the internet to provide the best internet marketing solution, as well as offer you Top Personal Development from the linkes of Jim Rohn, Brian Tracyand more at a fraction of the cost ...


29th October

UK Online Auction Web Sites

Use UK Online Auctions to save money on all your home office needs, from computers, software and stationery, furniture, to holidays with the money you've saved


28th October

New Articles Added:

Do you feel rich ... no matter your wealth? If you see yourself as poor you stay there. Veronica Lim of Millionaire Thinking looks at how your feelings dictate your results

Goal Setting - Do we really have to set goals? Veronica Lim of 'Millionaire Thinking' explains the two sides of setting goals in her article 'Do we really have to set goals?'

22nd October

Mind of a Millionaire

Following on from the success of BBC series 'Mind of a Millionaire',
I've put together some of the books linked to the series with other 'millionaire-mind' resources:
Mind of a Millionaire Resources


17th October

Health Sells

When a serial entrepreneur and self-made millionaire suggests you should have a look at this new business opportunity ... what do you do?

Health cash plan which pays your customers and earns you healthy commissions ... read more

And as we're talking health - this is my latest web site design and joint-venture: www.natural-collagen.com
Selling a new to the UK 100% pure natural collagen supplement in capsule form, it's already proving very popular.
We also supply wholesale to the trade, and will be launching an affiliate program in the near future (to register your interest now and be the first to hear, email me here: collagenaffiliation @ successsecrets.co.uk

One of my Bedside Books

Like many people, I have a pile of books by my bedside. I'm the kind of person who reads several books at once. I've got partly read books in the living room and kitchen as well!
One of the books that seems to live by my bedside and re-read or at least scanned regularly is Stuart Goldsmith's 'The Midas Method '.
So it's great then to have the chance to publish some of his articles on this site:
'Believe that you deserve to be wealthy'
by Stuart Goldsmith

Stuart Goldsmith a how to prioritize your needs to make a success of your life and live your dream

Stuart Goldsmith takes you through some essential values you need to follow to become wealthy

Luck has nothing to do with creating wealth - Stuart Goldsmith guides you to taking the right actions to creating your own wealth

Subscribers Only

New Books for you today:
High Profit Ad & Sales Letter Tips by Bill Myers.

How To Find, Steal Or Create Million-Dollar Ideas Every 60 Seconds by T. Harv Eker.

PLUS 2 books I can't mention openly, but you'll recognize the authors...
You know where to go to download them.

Have a great weekend everyone!


8th October

Develop your Millionaire Mind --- Has your mind got what it takes?

For a change there's something worthwhile to watch on TV ...
Two fascinating series on the mind of a millionaire --- and the lesser 'human being' ...

Does your personality measure up?
I've found some personality tests for you - see how great you really are and find out where you could start building improvements ...

John Paul Getty, Andrew Carnegie, and the 'mystery millionaire' on the park bench --- what do they have to say about success ...

See how you could start tuning your mind into the mind of a millionaire, or at the minimum, create the success you want ...



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