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Home Internet Business Advice and Links Summary

September 2003


22nd September

Don't tell me that you haven't Got Time!

I won't believe you ...
If an experience lasting a few seconds can lead to you developing a phobia for life - imagine what using 12 minutes positively could do ...

Imagine clear concise instruction that goes subtly deep within you to lead you to create a better future - Sounds good

Read more
Millionaire Thinking:
Get what you really want in just 12 minutes a day


19th September

Life Changing Motivation Resources Update ...

Heads up, my 'motivation - inspiration' website, www.empowersu.com has some new content for you to use

Motivation - inspiration - goal setting - numerology - more more more...


18th September

How to Pay per Click, Only for Profits with Overture

Just come across this very comprehensive 27 page report on how to use the Overture pay per click advertising program effectively.

By Paul Manuel, another full-time internet marketer, expl;ains how he gos about earning more than a full time wage by paying to advertise on Overture partner websites.

Well laid out and very instructive.

Pay Per Click Profits - Overture™ Uncovered


16th September

Software with Resell Rights - Resell Software

I was actually going to package these in bundles of five and re-sell them on at about £25 ... but hey, this is easier.

Over 70 (with 129 waiting in the wings), business and personal software packages. Many include resell rights and are unique to this company.

This is NOT Freeware collected from some download site, This is NOT Shareware with a "30 day trial". You get real software, expertly put together, and in demand at only $39, about £25

You can download two free sample programs, and find out the full details here: Software with resell rights - Resell Software



11th September

"17 Thing That can Stop You Dead in Your Tracks from Creating Lifetime Wealth" - Veronica Lim

Now here is an excellent report that I couldn't put down - in fact I've re-read it several times.

It comes from Veronica Lim, the founder of 'Millionaire Thinking® - Creating Lifetime Wealth'. Veronica is an author, info-preneur and coach and also finds time to be a speaker and seminar leader - as well as running an Executive Coaching business. Gee, and I thought I was busy.

If you are looking to make a positive change in your personal or business life, you'll welcome Veronica's ability to explain concepts in a way that makes it easy for you to understand and apply. Veronica lives by the motto, "There is nothing more important than that you feel good!"

You can download this excellent report for free from this page:

"17 Thing That can Stop You Dead in Your Tracks from Creating Lifetime Wealth" - Veronica Lim

I'm also in the process of reviewing Veronica's comprehensive life enhancing manual "Get What You Really Want In Just 12 Minutes A Day" - watch this space. Review started - click here

Best of every success,


Great article by Veronica: Are you tired of not achieving your goals? Find out how to make it easier to achieve them.


9th September

Making Money Getting Other People to Sell for You with 'two-tier affiliate programs'

I think that it was John Paul Getty who said that he'd rather have 1% of 100 people's efforts, than 100% of his own. And with the Internet, that becomes so much easier to do - and I'm NOT talking about network marketing or mlm.

Two-tier affiliate schemes

Having just finished designing two websites, one for a motor garage, one for a secretarial service, I suggested they join some affiliate programs and advertise some complimentary products, and earn some commissions. They both agreed, so I spent a little time finding and recommending suitable ones to them. Great. They're happy to have the opportunity to increase profits, I'm happy because I can too.

Whenever you can, sign up to 'two-tier affiliate programs'.
As well as making commissions on your direct sale referrals, you'll also earn commissions on affiliates who sign up through you and make sales - in effect profit for no effort.

Here are some companies offering decent two-tier programs:
Ad Reporting - Earn 10% on all sub-affiliate commissions.
Affiliate Future - Offers several UK two-tier programs, various commissions.
Affiliate Window - Same as above.
clickXchange - 5% on sub-affiliate commissions plus bonuses.
ClixGalore - 5% on sub-affiliate commissions plus bonuses.
Commission Junction. Commissions on recruiting affiliates and advertisers.
Intellectua - Not an affiliate programs site, but a site selling a large selection of downloadable books - 10% commission from your sub-affiliates.
Leadhound - 5% commissions on sub-affiliates
LinkShare Referral Program - commissions on sub-affiliates.
UK Affiliates - Jumping the gun with this one as they're not yet quite ready to offer sub-affiliate commissions, but has a good range of quality affiliate programs to sign up for.

Now - Of VITAL Importance...Well, I really recommend you doing it this way ... Join only programs that you can market yourself, i.e. do your best to make sales yourself. That way you'll be in a better position to help and advise any sub-affiliates you pick up.
At the end of the day, you have to make sales to make money, otherwise all you get is a list of people recruiting affiliates, expecting the next person to do the work --- and no one getting anything.

Best of success,



8th September

Computer crash

A few weeks back one of the servers hosting several of my websites crashed - ugh! Luckily all the information was on my local computer, but it still was a pain in the backside having to put 'everything together again'.

So just when I thought all was okay - my local computer crashes - and badly. I eventually had to admit defeat and call in a computer technician to help me out. So if you're reading this from around Wetherby in West Yorkshire and need a computer technician, computer upgrade etc. etc., I'm happy to recommend Jonathan at WetherbyComputerCentre. He saved my vegie-sausage, may save your bacon.


PS. The crash reminded me that it might be time to retire my faithful four year old. Just like new cars, new computers instantly devalue once you've bought them, so I fancied the idea of a factory refurbished guaranteed computer.

After a few hours searching on the internet I found a company offering new computers boxes from £279, refurbished desktop systems from £350 and refurbished laptops from £500 - all with good specifications. Find out more here: New and guaranteed factory refurbished desktops and laptops

PPS. Also found a good company for all your office stationery and accessories here, and cheap mobile phone deals here.


6th September

My Joint Venture = Discounted Joint Ventures and Copywriting for You - Subscribers Only Offer

Joe Kumar, he of '30 Days to Internet marketing Success' fame, has just been 'buying out' part of the rights to a famous internet marketers products. The marketer in question is Terry Dean, who wants a slightly quieter life (now he's got all the money he needs!).

Basically, Joe invested a 4-figure sum obtaining the rights to resell 2 of Terry Dean's brand products:

'Advanced Joint Venture Secrets' and 'Internet Copywriting Secrets Revealed'

They are both physically shipped tapesets, with several bonuses available immediately as digital downloads. Both 'ADVANCED Joint Venture Secrets' and 'Internet Copywriting Secrets Revealed' normally sell for $97 each - and are worth twice that based on the bonuses for each alone.

Subscriber Only Offer - (If you're not already a subscriber - sign up here now, it's free) - What I'd like to do, is make you a special offer.

I've talked Joe into giving you the exact same deal he gave his own subscribers: 2 for the price of one.

Simply buy Advanced Joint Venture Secrets for $97 from the special web address you'll find on the subscribers page, then email Joe and let him know that you're a subscriber to Vic Carrara's SuccessSecrets, and you want 'Internet Copywriting Secrets Revealed' for free.

He'll be in touch within 24 hours giving you immediate online access to the bonuses of Internet Copywriting Secrets Revealed, and he'll be shipping *both* tapesets for Advanced Joint Venture Secrets and Internet Copywriting Secrets Revealed to you.

That's a $194 value for half the price. And he'll also be paying for the shipping of both tapesets for you. The usual fee that is charged for these tapes is $7 to ship to the United States & Canada, and $12 to ship internationally, but you get your shipping free with him, no matter where you live! Not only do you get 2 for the price of one, but you also get your shipping free. So, instead of paying $ (97 + 7 or 12 + 97 + 7 or 12) = $208 or $218, all you're paying is $97 for everything!

Now that's a great deal on some great know-how.

If you're already a subscriber, you know where to go for the link.
If you're not, sign up now here for free.



Joe Kumar's '30 Days to Internet Marketing Success' - Review


4th September

Free Anti-Virus Software

Just came across this one. Sign up to complete surveys and receive free anti-virus software for your computer worth £41.
Free anti-virus software


3rd September

Pin money and marketing...

Many of you reading this will have heard about me via ebay.co.uk, the online auction site.

As a way of casting as wide a marketing net as possible, I regularly auction off various marketing ebooks at bargain prices (you can check out my current ebay auctions here) in an effort to add subscribers.

You'll also notice some other stuff I'm selling - books on crafts, pewter, design etc. No, I'm not a book dealer --- I just regularly clear out 'stuff' I no longer need, use, want. All helps to keep Samuel in fresh nappies.

Something else you can do on ebay is test your salescopy. By changing the headline of one item I regularly sell, I increased sales 50%. And by tinkering with the salescopy, I can find out what works, what doesn't very easily (i.e. sales go up, or go down).

Sign with eBay.co.uk here. It's free and easy.

Ebay Resources:

The Real Home Business.
Dave Bromley talks about how to make money on ebay.co.uk

The Complete eBay™ Auction Marketing E-Course

Ebay™ Secrets Revealed

Subscribers Only:
'How to Make BIG Money from eBay™ Auctions',
Dave Bromley outlines a simple and effective plan for making and building an income from online auctions. This is available to subscribers only.


1st September

How NOT to design a web page!

There are two things that should be paramount when you start to design your first web page.

Is it search engine friendly, and does it make targeted visitors stay?

You won't want to do what I've been known to do, redesign a live site three times in a fortnight! (and I'm still struggling to clear the broken links --- ugh)

Here are some web design resources you'll want to look at if your aim is to build a website that gets ranked by the search engines, creates interest, and makes you money:


How Not to Design a Webpage by Neil Shearing
Too Much Design?
Seven Secrets of Good Web Writing (Off site link, new window will open)
Do You Make Your Prospects and Customers Jump Through Hoops?
Five Ways to Boost Your Webpages Search Engine Rankings

The Power of Opt-in by Sean D'Souza of psychotactics - read more...
Now this is a very powerful Report I've managed to get you for free from Sean D'Souza of Psychotactics.com. Rock solid marketing and copywriting know how from a plain speaking guy. Highly recommended dynamic info


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