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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)


When is a Bargain a Bargain -
and Free really means Free ... ?

When I'm not harping on about motivation, research, putting the effort in ... blah, blah, blah ... all in the cause of building those multiple streams of income - I like to discover ways to save money.

Why bother?

Because I'm a firm believer in looking after the pennies (although I do enjoy spending the pounds when they're available!).

And when you're looking at building up a part-time business, saving pennies elsewhere to reinvest in your online business could make the difference between early success or long term frustration.

So with that end in mind (and as another exercise in building a pure affiliate program based website ... ), take time to have a read of:

Despite the domain name, students-free-stuff.co.uk is a resource site for anyone looking to save money, and in some instances make some.

When is a Bargain a BARGAIN?

When it's a real money saving offer, saving money off something that you genuinely need. Most bargains are not - because you don't need the item, or it's not a genuine price discount (i.e. all those 'special' stock items brought in to the shops after Christmas as 'bargain prices')

So ... I've done my best to find you discount offers on products and services that you genuinely need, with genuine savings:
Bargain and Discount Offers - UK

When is Free Really FREE?

Don't you hate those 'free' offers that are 'free', only after you spend some money? Or 'free' with some kind of catch ...

Well they enoy the hell out of me, so I've tried to turn the tables, and find some genuine free deals (for example, free rewards for completing surveys - free prize competitons, free product samples ...), and also find you some reward sites where you get rewarded for doing shopping that you would normally do:
UK Freebies - Free Offers

Now here comes the Goal Setting Bit!

I defy you not to find some way of either saving, or making some money (win a prize ... sell it). Use this money as seed capital, seed capital to buy the tools you need to build up your empire.

You don't need thousands, to get your own domain name and quality web hosting can be as little as £34.99 - You can start building your internet business building library for as little as $19.97 - (which would be the first of 4 books that I recommend you invest in ...).

There will be some other things you will need - some mailing list software, website design software, website templates etc ...

So saving/making yourself £1 a day, and you could be starting within a few months. Save/make yourself £2 a day ... get the idea!

I don't want to hear from anyone who says that they've got no money to start a business - or ... email me asking for information that's already out there in some of the ebooks I recommend (although I'm always happy to answer genuine queries ... :-) )

So ... what are you waiting for?

Okay ... here are some goal setting links ... You WILL Succeed!

Positive Thinking & Success Motivation Trigger
Great poem by C W Longenecker on positive thinking - a reminder to our success motivation to keep on going ...Something to print out and put above your desk.
Positive thinking reminder - keep your success motivation going!

Want to be a millionaire? Want to be successful? -
Well then it's time to start claiming responsibility for your life now and for tomorrow ...
"You Must Take Action" Article by Stuart Goldsmith

Some guidance on writing affirmation statements to power up your goal setting and planning ...
Affirm Your Choices - The Power of Affirmations to    Design and Guide your Life Choices … by Vic Carrara
Resoultions and affirmations for any day of the year

Millionaire Thinking:
Get What You Want In Just 12 Minutes a Day by Veronica Lim


Best of every success!

Vic Carrara

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Recommended Internet Business Start Up Books/Services:

30 Days to Internet Marketing Success by Joe Kumar
This really is a book (actually 2 Volumes now) you must read.
It's not cheap, but is packed with so much hands-on and real info on starting your own business, that I'm shocked that more of you don't buy it.
Reviews of Joe Kumar's "30 Days to Internet Marketing Success":
First review - feelings running high
Second review, I've calmed down a bit

Greatly Reduced Price - Now Only $19.97 Recommended Buy

"I want to start an online business" -
One of the most common questions I get asked ... and one of the most involved to answer ...
So you'll be happy to know that if you want to start an online business, this is a product that I am more than happy to add my recommendation to you ... (despite the off putting title!)
Start an Online Business

Make sellable information products - Bill Myers Product Developers Resource Centre
This listing has stayed on this page for ages because it's one of my favourite places for 'no-bull' advice and support from one of the masters of product development - Bill Myers.
Bill Myers Online - Product Development Resources Centre - read more...

One of 2003's Best Selling eBooks ...
from another much maligned and attacked internet marketer ...
This is still a recommended read --- which much essential information on building and developing your internet business:
The Whole Truth About Internet Marketing


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