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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)


Online Success Is No Big Secret! by Joe Kumar

I'll tell you exactly what to do to succeed online (even though no guarantees of how much you will earn obviously - as I do not know you).

a) Find a niche that you're interested in. A niche that has a problem and is willing to pay money for a product that provides a solution to that problem.

b) Create a product for that niche. This can be either a compilation product (from experts within the niche) or 1 that you write yourself. But if you create the product - you better be an expert at it!

By an expert, I mean you have to be qualified to create the product. For example, if you've made $2,000 a month promoting affiliate programs, then yes, you're qualified to write "How To Earn $2,000/Mth Promoting Affiliate Programs". If you barely make a few bucks a month online, then you're not qualified to create the abovementioned product.

What you should do, if you're not qualified to create a product for a niche that you're interested in, is simply interview experts within that niche, or pay several of them a nominal sum to create exclusive content for your product. Not only do you have a product at the end of the day, but you also have the benefit of 'borrowed credibility' from all of these experts combined.

c) Write a salesletter, with a headline that summarises the biggest benefit, and bullet points throughout (people read those bullets).

Copywriting is an art that takes time to develop, but if you simply write an attention-grabbing headline and arrange your main points and benefits in bullet-form, you shouldn't go too far wrong. Those are the most basic aspects of writing copy, and it's been said that all you have to do to become an expert is to master the basics.

d) Send emails to potential JV partners - other webmasters within your niche selling complementary (NOT competitive) products - and discuss cross promotions.

Simply send these guys an email, offering your product to them for free, and offering to pay them 60% per sale of your product that they make. Don't propose a 50-50 split anymore: every top marketer these days gets tons of offers from people offering 50% commissions to sell their products. What you want is your JV proposal to get NOTICED and ACTIONED.

e) REPEAT. Keep repeating steps b-d until you're earning multiple streams of large income, and then sell off the whole business for a million bucks (or 2000 copies of all your products plus the salespages and the rights in a package for $997 or something). Then, spend the rest of your life sipping juice in the Bahamas, while your fellow peers slog away till they're 75. ;-)

To Your Internet Marketing Success (in 30 Days),

Joe Kumar
(65) 6449-4579
http://www.JoeKumar.com (new window opens)

Read my first review of Joe Kumar's book here
Review Two - After a week studying '30 Days' - I have more thoughts to share with you - go here

Free Sample Download containing Bryan Kumar's 30 Day to Internet Marketing Plan - Sample Marketing Plan

Free sample download of Volume Two of Joe Kumar's Book

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Joe Kumar's 30 Days to Internet Marketing Success - Only $37

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