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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)

Michael Green reminds you how to stay on track in developing your own internet business, creating products online, by simply following one guru's advice at a time ... in his article:

Why You Should Only Follow One "Guru" At A Time!
by Michael Green

If you are out there trying to make money via Internet Marketing
then you are not by any means alone.

There are now tens-of-thousands of folks working part-time,
trying to generate enough income to leave their 9-5 and live off
their online income for good.

But sadly, for most of these people, the reality is that they
will probably scrape by month-by-month, earning the odd commission
check, but never really breaking thru' to the "Online Big Time"!

Now as someone who has been fortunate enough to translate that
ultimate dream of making enough money 'while I sleep', to give up
my day job (if I chose to), I've been troubled about why others
work just as hard as me (or harder) online - but never seem to make
it to the holy grail of internet profits.

So eventually I conducted a piece of research using the responses
from people who have taken my internet marketing mini-course.

And the results were most revealing...


Something that I had long suspected and have even experienced
for myself, turns out to be absolutely true.

There is a lot of excellent help and advice available out there
for online marketers.

In fact you don't need to look very far and you'll soon be
stumbling across internet marketing experts that'll tell you
much about important subjects like:

> product creation

> autoresponders

> opt-in lists

> follow-up marketing

> choosing the right pricing

> running affiliate programs

> and so on...and so forth...

BUT, confusingly each and every one of these "experts" sets
themselves up to be an authoritative "guru".

And now suddenly (for the average Joe trying to make a good living
online) the marketplace in advice is overcrowded and *very*

Sure, a lot of the available information seems to be very good,
but where should you start and who should you believe?

Worse still...one expert seems to be contradicting the next and
everyone is SHOUTING so loud that you just don't know what to
do for the best (or first).

And the result of all this?


Your online work lacks direction. One minute you're following
guru "A", next you're dipping into guru "B's" advice, but then an
email pops through from guru "S" and what they have to say looks
simply irresistible. Suddenly you are being pulled in so many
directions that you just can't think where to start!


So what should you be doing to build your own successful online

For me (and for those who I have tutored), the answer has been to
select one 'all round expert' to follow. Find a marketing "guru"
who you feel comfortable with. Someone who you've read a little
about and believe can educate you in the rights and wrongs of
online product creation and marketing.

Most importantly, take a look at the writing style of the "guru"
you are thinking of learning from. And ask yourself?

> Is this a writing style that I can understand?

> Does this "guru" have a natural ability to put a lot of
information across to me in a clear and readable fashion?

And most importantly of all...

> Has this so called "guru" really done this for themselves?
Or to put it another way - do they know what they're talking


Having answered the above questions and chosen your expert -
*follow them* until you have become successful yourself.

If you've chosen wisely, then having purchased some of your gurus
information, they won't mind when you come back to ask the
occasional direct question.

For example, I frequently receive emails like:

"Michael, I read what you said about XYZ, but could you point
me in the right direction to achieve this other important

Follow a knowledgeable expert and they won't mind sharing a
little extra information with you.

But, best of all if you concentrate on one person's advice at a
time, you are far more likely to make a success of your own
online business - if only because you won't waste loads of your
time trying out a little bit from everyone, and being pulled in
so many directions that you end up achieving nothing.

To your online marketing success!

Michael Green
Developer of the "Create & Sell Products Online" toolkit.

You can develop your own online business by following the step-by
step advice of the above author, Michael Green. He has created
a toolkit for anyone wanting to create their own successful online
business. Michael's own range of online products are in the top
10 on ClickBank's marketplace, proving that he is a top online
marketer himself. His latest toolkit shows you exactly how to
follow in his footsteps, to create your own online business.
Find out more at http://www.CreateAndSellPRODUCTSonline.com

© How To Corporation. All rights reserved.

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