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A Question of time…want a life? Then Use IT!
by Vic Carrara

If you're at all serious about starting your own business, you'll soon be faced with (even more) pressures on your time.

Unfortunately for humanity, as far as we are aware, time is finite.
The few seconds that you've spent reading this so far have now gone - never to be replaced!
Spent, used, for ever passed. Precious stuff then! So why waste it?

Waste it!?

This depends on YOUR interpretation of the word waste. One persons waste is anothers……
I don't want to get too heavy into any philosophies or belief structures about life and the living of it -
BUT (!) I would like to put forward the premise that we are all guilty of extreme waste in this department.

"Oh I'm just tooooo tired to do anything else now, besides Cora/EastEnders.."(for non-UK people, these are very popular Television Soaps) blagh blagh blagh.
"It's been a hard day",
"The weather is lousy",

It is ALWAYS easy to find an excuse when you need one.
Am I being a bit hard here?

I would like to put forward the suggestion that life is for living, and it is our duty to make the most of it.
If we're feeling tired/lousy/whatever, that feeling is the symptom of a deeper problem.
Why are you feeling tired? Diet, health, not enough sleep, lifestyle …


By just accepting this false status quo, Nothing is Going to Change.
AND, when you start taking on board the challenge of a home business - even MORE demand on your time - without developing a strategy for healthy time management, things could get decidedly unhealthy.

All our lives are made up of parts.
We have our own interests, we have relationships, we have family, and we have to have that paid employment to finance the whole shebang.
It's a delicate balancing act.
But a balancing act that HAS to be got right.

At different times in our lives we have different priorities.
At some points it will be relationships, others work, others self.
And the challenge is not forgetting that the other parts exist while so involved in that momentary focus.

With me so far? GREAT.

Before you know how to start saving/reorganising, you need to know what you're spending.
Get a small pocket notebook.
Without getting paranoid about it, over the next week, a couple of times a day,
start noting down how you spend your time.
OK, if you have a job, that's eight+ hours a day lived, but that still leaves 16 others.
Include traveling time, TV, etc.

Excite yourself!

I'd also like you to live some time writing down some dreams/goals/ambitions.

I started writing this article looking at focusing on the challenge of finding time to run a home business.
The thoughts led me further down the road about life and using it.
Time is a limited resource, Life is a limited resource.

I would suggest that everyone makes the most of it, share time and life with your family,
friends, loved ones, and yourself.

Money alone can't answer all our needs.

Best of time, life and happiness,

Vic Carrara
Copyright 2002
Contact me here

Permission is granted to reprint the above article in its entirety, provided no reprints are sent in conjunction with unsolicited bulk email, provided no fee or other value is exchanged, provided no changes are made to the article, and provided the above copyright and resource lines are printed with the article. Please also be as good as to send us a checking copy of any reprints.


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